AdSense Conversion Rates-Dig Get Top Conversion Rate

It doesn't take much digging to find that some webmasters get less than 1% AdSense conversion rates, while other webmasters attain a level of 20% or better. If you are interested in making more money using AdSense, then discovering what causes these differences can help you to run more effective campaigns of your own.

The place to start is understanding what AdSense is and how it works. Advertisers can purchases ads to be displayed by Google. These people buy ad space using the AdWords program, and they pay a certain amount for each click they receive. The AdSense program lets website owners place AdWords ads on their own websites. Then, when somebody clicks an ad, Google pays a percentage of the value of that click.

If you want to have higher AdSense rates, then you need to do two things: get visitors to your site, and then get clicks on those ads. Each of these steps are important. You could have thousands of visitors to your website, but if you don't have things structured in a way that gets them to click, then your AdSense conversion rates will be low. However, they will also be low if you have it set up well, but don't get enough visitors to your page.

There is already tons of information available on generating traffic, so we will focus on how you can get more clicks on your AdSense ads. It should be noted that Google prohibits you from telling people to click on the ads, so don't do it otherwise you could end up permanently banned from the service.

The main thing is to have a sight that is centered on one specific topic. Meandering discussions that cover a variety of topics will make it difficult for AdSense to figure out the best ads for your site (this is done automatically), and it will confuse your visitors, and that won't encourage them to click on ads.

Choosing the right topic is also a vital part of the process. You need to think about the kinds of things people buy, and what type of information about those things would interest them. For example, a site on getting free stuff online would be geared toward people who don't want to spend money, and even if you would get clicks, the odds are that they wouldn't have a lot of value.

On the other hand, if you have a site that reviews digital cameras, then you will be attracting visitors that are already in the buying mood. They aren't deciding whether or not to get a camera, they are deciding which one is best. That's obviously reaching a market that's ready to spend, and that improves the odds of them clicking, which leads to higher AdSense conversion rates for you.

You should also place your AdSense ads in primary locations on your website. You need them to be in the places that people are most likely to see them. Cleverly hiding them at the very bottom of a page isn't going to generate nearly as many clicks as putting them in the upper left of your page.

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